Working, School and Breastfeeding


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Back to work or school

It is possible to continue breastfeeding when returning back to work or school. If you wish you continue breastfeeding, here are some things that may help:

  • Set up a meeting with your employer or school representative and explain that you are breastfeeding. Find out how they can support you. Ask if they have a return to work policy.
  • You may wish to feed your baby at lunch or during breaks depending on your job or your classes. Speak with your employer/school representative and your caregiver to make arrangements.
  • You may wish to express and store breastmilk for your baby at work or school.  Ask to use a fridge or an area within a fridge to keep your breastmilk cold. You may also use a cooler with ice (if for less than 24 hours).
  • If you do not already express and store your breastmilk, you may wish to begin expressing milk 2-4 weeks before starting or returning to work or school.  See Hand Expression, Pumping and Milk Storage.

Breastfeeding is encouraged until the age of 2 years and beyond.  In Canada, many moms return to work or school within 1 year of having a baby.  It is a mothers right to breastfeeding accommodations that will work for both the mother (employee/student) and the employer/school.

To find out why breastfeeding is good for your employer and their business see our section on Breastfeeding and Business:






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