When to get help


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When to Get Help

Speak to a health professional if:

  • Baby won’t take the breast
  • Baby isn’t gaining weight
  • You are concerned about your milk supply
  • You are experiencing pain while feeding
  • Your breasts are red and warm to touch
  • There are hard spots in your breast
  • You have a history of breast surgery
  • You experienced difficulty breastfeeding previous children
  • Baby has white patches in his/her mouth
  • You have cracked or sore nipples
  • Baby won’t wake up to feed
  • Baby is fussy during or after feeding
  • You are considering giving your baby formula
  • Baby isn’t pooping or peeing (depending on age) – Best Start Guidelines for Nursing Mothers

Support is available if you are facing breastfeeding challenges. See our Resources: local, online and print to find out where to find help.

For more about common breastfeeding concerns, see AHS’s Healthy Parents, Healthy Chilren page on “Problems that can happen when breastfeeding

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