Dad, Partner, Support Person


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Dad or the Mother’s Partner is the often the Mom’s main support person. What can he/she do?

  • Tell Mom that she is doing a great job!
  • Listen to her.
  • Remind her she knows what is best for her and her baby.
  • Help her to be comfortable.
  • Bring baby to her to feed.
  • Surprise mom with a snack or drink while breastfeeding.
  • Let mom focus on breastfeeding and caring for baby. Help with housework and meal preparation.
  • Help with changing diapers and burping.
  • Cuddle with baby. Mom will want you to have time with baby too.
  • Go grocery shopping. Ask Mom what she needs from the store.
  • Apply heat and massage to mom’s upper back as needed – massage doesn’t end after labour!

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