Getting ready to breastfeed


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Step 1

Learn all that you can about breastfeeding! The more you know about breastfeeding before your baby arrives, the more confidence you will have.

  • Consider taking a prenatal class. See our Resources section find prenatal classes available in the Regional Municipality of Wood Buffalo.
  • Reading is also a great way to learn about breastfeeding and prepare for having a baby. See our Resources section to find out more about our recommended reads and websites!

Step 2

Find Support

  • Talk to your family and friends about breastfeeding. Discuss your expectations and find out how they can help. Go to Supporting the Breastfeeding Mom.
  • Pregnant families are encouraged to attend local breastfeeding support groups. Everyone is welcome and groups run on a drop-in basis. This is a place where families learn from each other’s experiences. See our Resources section to find out about the support groups in Wood Buffalo
The Work of Breastfeeding

The Work of Breastfeeding


Step 3

Trust your body. Know that your body is built for breastfeeding!

Step 4

Include skin-to-skin in your birth plan. Skin-to-skin can help breastfeeding get off to a great start.

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