Why is Breastfeeding Important?


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You are a having a baby(ies)! Have you thought about breastfeeding?

Breastfeeding is normal. It is about trusting your body.
If you have any questions about breastfeeding – ask your healthcare provider!

Here is why breastfeeding is important for your baby.


  • Is designed for humans.
  • Has everything your baby needs to grow.
  • Will protect your baby from many illnesses.
  • May prevent: allergies, obesity, diabetes, childhood cancers, and SIDS (sudden infant death syndrome)
  • Changes as your baby’s needs change.
  • Changes taste depending on what Mom eats.
  • Is always the right temperature for baby.
  • Encourages skin-to-skin. This helps baby feel loved and secure.
  • Is safe. There are never recalls on breastmilk.

Breastfeeding is important for Mom too. Almost all women can breastfeed. Breastfeeding:

  • May protect against ovarian and breast cancer.
  • Can help Mom lose weight.
  • Helps Mom bond and feel close to her baby. This can help with “baby blues” or postpartum depression.
  • Is free. Formula can cost more than $1500 in the first year.
  • Requires no preparation. Breastmilk is always fresh and ready to feed.
  • Can help Mom relax, helping Mom sleep when baby sleeps.


Want to know more? Check out Baby Friendly Newfoundland’s video “You Won’t Regret It!”

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