How to Help


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Tips for Helping Mom:

  • Hands off.  Intervention is rarely needed. If you do need to touch, always ask
  • Help mom to be comfortable
  • Your words of encouragement are often all a mother needs
  • Empower and educate her support system

Remember there is nothing to “FIX” – It is about assisting mother to trust her body and her baby


What does a good attachment look like?

See Jack Newman’s Video of a well attached 10 day old baby by clicking here.

What do you notice?


When should nipple shields be recommended?

Nipple shields are rarely needed. It’s BREASTfeeding after all. If you provide your patient with a nipple shield, ensure that she has the correct size for her nipple and that she has been instructed on how to use it. If a mom requires a nipple shield, you may suggest follow-up at the Fort McMurray Breastfeeding Clinic.


Do you have concerns about a mom and baby’s breastfeeding?

Flyer for the Fort McMurray Breastfeeding Clinic


When is it appropriate to refer to the Breastfeeding Clinic?

(Coming Soon!)


Positioning for Moms Read More…

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